Announcement: Pharmacy of Grace Hires New Interim Executive Director

Jan. 10, 2024 (Kansas City, KS) – Pharmacy of Grace is pleased to announce the hiring of its first executive director, marking a significant moment of growth for this 16-month-old organization. Janice Benjamin started as Interim Executive Director at Pharmacy of Grace in January 2024.

Janice is a seasoned nonprofit and philanthropy executive with a deep passion for health equity and healthcare access. Janice is drawn to the important work at Pharmacy of Grace because it aligns with her lifelong passion for improvingthe health of our community.

“I believe deeply that all people should have access to healthcare, and Pharmacy of Grace is doing this critical work. You cannot underestimate the importance of access to medication, since the inability to afford medication can make a person’s health and quality of life spiral so quickly.”

In 2020, Janice retired as the vice president of development for The University of Kansas Health System where she built a highly regarded philanthropy program from the ground up to support clinical innovation and patient care at the region’s leading academic medical center. She previously served as the vice president of the Menorah Medical Center Foundation.

Janice Benjamin

Janice spent her early professional career as a teacher, career development and management consultant, business owner, and author. She was the president of the Career Management Center, consulting with individual business and professional clients and corporations. She co-authored How to Be Happily Employed, published with a resource guide for six US cities.

She is a graduate of Tulane University with a BA in secondary education and sociology and holds a MA from the University of Missouri-Kansas City

in guidance and counseling. Her civic involvement includes serving as the past president of the Junior League of Kansas City, MO, former Board Chair of the Central Exchange, and a founding board member of The Women’s Foundation of Greater Kansas City (United We).  Currently, she is a member of the board of directors for HNC (head & neck cancer) Living Foundation and for JFS KC (Jewish Family Services).





KSHB: Patients, pharmacists feel relief with insulin prices lowered to $35

Kansas City, KS — KSHB stopped by Pharmacy of Grace last week to interview our Pharmacist-in-Charge Michael Fink about the new program helping cap insulin prices for Medicare patients at just $35.

Fink told reporter Elyse Shoenig about how he’s seen insulin prices skyrocketing in the last few years, and how difficult that has been for patients. This price cap will help some people, but Pharmacy of Grace is still concerned about who gets left behind. Uninsured and underinsured patients are still struggling to afford their insulin, and we want to make sure they know that Pharmacy of Grace can help. Fink told KSHB that he’s seen firsthand the powerful impact it has on patients to finally be able to afford their medications when they come to Pharmacy of Grace:

“I’ve actually had patients walk out the door crying when we’ve given them their insulin that they’re now able to take it home,” Fink said. “Instead of not being able to afford it and just refusing it at the counter.”

KSHB also interviewed one of our patients, Ralph Richardson, who needs insulin to control his diabetes. His son said that they come to Pharmacy of Grace because the insulin is significantly less expensive with us than anywhere else.

Watch the entire story on KSHB’s website: click here
A woman fills prescription bottles at a pharmacy.
Are you struggling to afford your insulin? Our Grace Meds program helps uninsured and underinsured people afford their medications, including getting insulin for a price they can afford.

We are also a full-service pharmacy open to anyone regardless of insurance status, including Medicare and fully insured patients.

Do you want to know if you’re getting the best price for your medication? Give us a call today and our friendly staff will be happy to talk you through the benefits of filling your medications with us.